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EMERGENCY MEASURES PLAN - Multi Risk International

An emergency measures plan must enable your organization to deal with all kinds of hazards likely to affect it, as well as to implement measures to protect the general public, your staff, and your assets.

The emergency measures plan allows an organization to reduce its vulnerability to situations likely to affect it, such as:

  • Fires
  • Hazardous material spills
  • Gas leaks
  • Explosions
  • Power outages
  • Threats to persons, property, and assets

MRI can help you develop all the various components of an emergency measures plan, including:


The classic emergency structure normally provides for three levels of response that include a possible range of distinct and complementary actions. This limits the duplication of actions and reduces differences in dealing with the consequences of particular events.

MRI can help you develop your emergency management structure and identify the roles and responsibilities of your emergency responders.


The alert procedure is developed based on the alert criteria defined by the organization. Each alert level leads to a mobilization level of response personnel.

MRI can help you identify alert criteria and develop your alert and mobilization procedures.


In order to ensure a minimal and consistent response on the part of all your organization’s emergency responders, it is worth providing a description of the roles and responsibilities of each one of them during an emergency.

MRI can assist you in developing task aids and checklists to provide support for your teams during their response to a particular situation.


During an emergency, a lack of information and the time factor are two elements that could work against those mobilized to respond to the situation. It is thus essential to implement a structure that facilitates efficient, rapid, and coordinated information exchange within the organization. Formalizing channels of information is a process that contributes to improving communication among the various response personnel involved.

MRI can assist you in developing your communication patterns for managing emergencies.


MRI can help you develop specific response procedures for managing your emergencies (procedures during hazardous material spills, fires, equipment malfunctions, etc.).

MRI is recognized for its distinctive and individualized approach, geared to the needs, constraints, and expectations of its customers and can assist you during the planning,   implementation, testing, and revision phases of your emergency measures program through:

  • Risk analysis
  • Emergency measures awareness raising and training
  • Emergency measures trials and simulations
  • Emergency measures planning analysis

Looking for more information? Please feel free to contact us. Our team will provide you with detailed information and offer your organization solutions tailored to its needs, thus increasing its resilience and adaptability.   

Take advantage of the best advice in the field for a proactive approach in the event of a crisis.


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