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CRISIS PREPAREDNESS - Multi Risk International


Despite the prevention and mitigation measures in place, it is impossible to reduce risk to zero (residual risk).

To address this residual risk, planning, one of the first steps in any preparation for the potential consequences of a disruptive event, is essential.

Potential consequences include:

  • Threats to health and safety of employees and the public
  • Threats to the image / reputation of the organization affected
  • Environmental threats
  • Loss of access to facilities
  • Failure of computer systems
  • Major decline of human resources
  • Other failures, losses, or threats

This step helps to improve the capacity of the organization and of its partners to face these consequences and to minimize adverse impacts. To do this, it is important to structure and sequence planning activities (see diagram “Activities of preparedness, response, and recovery”) so as to develop reflexes and minimize organizational improvisation during a disruptive event.


Multi Risk International can assist you in preparing and drafting plans of different types that meet these objectives, including securing of community initiatives in your practice, and allow you to be active within the community so as to reduce risks and to mitigate potential impacts of an incident on the community.  Elements available to help an organization better cope with the consequences of a disruptive event include:

  • Alert and mobilization mechanisms
  • Information sharing
  • Specific intervention procedures
  • Business continuity strategies
  • Determination of the organization’s critical activities
  • Development of a training and trial program (see the sections pertaining to training and trials)

MRI’s expertise is well established, as reflected in its ability to develop operational plans. Developed plans will become highly appreciated tools during a real emergency.

Looking for more information? Please feel free to contact us. Our team will provide you with detailed information and offer your organization solutions tailored to its needs, thus increasing its resilience and adaptability.   

Take advantage of the best advice in the field for a proactive approach in the event of a crisis.


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