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Mérite québécois de la sécurité civile : A Great Success for Valero and Multi Risk International

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During the annual ceremony of the Mérite québécois de la sécurité civile, October 17, Valero Energy Inc. (Jean-Gaulin Refinery) won a prize for “Opération Phare Valero” a multi-stakeholder table-top exercise involving close to 150 participants.

“We are proud of our involvement in one of the largest exercises held in Quebec in the past years.”
Josiane Simon, President of Multi Risk International

From left to right. First row : Joëlle Lépine ( MRI), Véronique Roy (Valero), Josiane Simon (MRI), Valérie Wurges (MRI). Second row : Dominic Desrosiers-Fortin (CISSS Chaudière-Appalaches), Martin Lévesque (Valero), Marc Desgagnés (TDI – Groupe Desgagnés), Nicole Paré (Québec City), Frédéric DeChamplain (Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and the Fight against Climate Change), Lucie Vézina (Transport Canada), Marie-Christine St-Pierre (Valero), Sophie St-Jean (MRI), Christian Lemay (MRI). Third row : Sany Maltais (Lévis City), Georges Long (Environment Climate Change Canada), Merlo Gauvreau (SIMEC), Zachary Louder (Ministry of Public Security), Mathieu Laporte (Port of Québec), Gaétan Drouin (Lévis City), Martin Laroche (Valero), Robert Sasseville (MRI). Absent on the photo : Véronique Gagnon (Canadian Coast Guard).

Exercise Design

Our team supported Valero representatives as well as a multi-stakeholder working group for over a year. This complex exercise, which involved several important issues related to the response to a large-scale spill, required in-depth analyses and consultation. The working group consisted of representatives of each of the organizations that could be mobilized to respond, with Valero, for a spill on the St-Lawrence River. The careful planning of the exercise not only allowed the exercise to be a success but also a great learning opportunity for all the members of the working group and their organizations.

The Day of the Exercise and the Benefits for Participating Organizations

On D-Day, more than 150 participants spent a full day collaborating to resolve issues related to marine incident response and measures to mitigate the consequences. They gained a collective understanding of the stakes related to such a response and undoubtedly raised their common level of preparedness.

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